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About me

About me - Who is Sanekoo

a.k.a Santeri

About me

Story of Sanekoo

I have been involved in the operations of about ten companies. Every single time, I have taken on more responsibility, more roles, and more obligations. I have trained employees, increased sales, delivered results, and streamlined processes. I have handled everything from marketing to HR.

For a long time, I have been doing this for some employers without receiving the appreciation I deserve. Now it’s time to do it for myself and show the world what one gets when ordering services from a generalist.

I am Santeri “Sanekoo” Kärki. I reside in Tampere, and throughout my life, I have engaged in diverse work, ranging from development and content creation to marketing, search engine optimization, and collaboration with various businesses.

Given the broad spectrum of skills I possess, I decided to establish a kind of “portfolio” website. Through this platform, I showcase my versatile abilities with the aim of assisting you in taking your business to new heights.

My experience as a content creator dates back to 2008, with payment for my work commencing in 2012. Since then, I have been crafting various content for the web while simultaneously building websites. Although websites and technologies evolve, what better way to respond to these changes than by staying abreast of developments and evolving alongside them? In addition to website creation, I have specialized in search engine optimization, which will also have its dedicated section in the services I offer.

Tietoa minusta

Skills and accomplishments

 I have wast range of skills and accomplishments that are actually hard to fit into a short list. I tried it anyway.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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Content creation
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Website designing
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Digital marketing
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Website designing

I have been creating and building websites for a considerable time. In the early stages, websites were constructed using whatever tools were available, such as Blogger and various free site builders. However, for the past 7 years, I have been exclusively using WordPress for website development.

The websites are crafted externally according to the client’s preferences, focusing on speed and search engine optimization. All websites are designed to be responsive. I often take charge of the visual design and have created logos for several websites.


Content creation for various websites

With solid experience spanning several years, I excel in content creation, news reporting, article writing, and reviews. I have served as a content producer and translator for both Finnish and international websites, engaging in content optimization for search engines.

Over the years, I have independently generated content and built my own websites. Some of these sites have been passed on to others, while I continue to maintain others.


Social Media Marketing, Advertising

Since 2014, I have been actively involved in impactful and omnichannel digital marketing through cutting-edge applications and social media services. As a result of these marketing efforts, visitor numbers have experienced growth of up to thousands of percentages.

In addition to paid social media marketing, I have cultivated organic growth for businesses and individuals. I tested my strategies on my own Twitter account, resulting in a 300% increase in followers within three months. Similar growth processes are underway on Instagram and Facebook. Through my efforts, many businesses have achieved growth rates of even thousands of percentages.

Furthermore, I excel in various content and marketing strategies as well as planning. I have provided impactful copywriting for numerous companies, leading to significant improvements in conversion rates and a considerable reduction in CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Feel free to reach out, and let’s make your business generate results like never before!

  • E-Mail: Santeri.karki(a)sanekoo.fi


This site is a portfolio and showcase of work for me. Please visit about me -section to get to know me better.

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